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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to reach Dubrovnik from Šibenik?

Dubrovnik is distanced from Šibenik approximately 300 km, and it takes approximately 4 hours to reach it by car by taking highway A1.

Even though boat option seems the most desirable transportation to move along the coast, for the fastest arrival, we suggest ground transportation and highway option. Transfer service (vans or comfortable SUVs) can be easily arranged with English speaking drivers, who are flexible to stop acording your needs for a lunch or a coffee break.

Public boat option is possible from Split, by catamaran, with pick up / drop off stops on islands along the way.

Renting luxury yacht or speed boat is also an option, if you are flexible with the time, to make stops along the way. It would be pitty not to stop few times on beatiful islands of Adriatic south. Your Captain would suggest best ports and best island restaurants for a fresh meal. If you are looking into this option, choose your private boat to be as much comfortable as possible, with cabins and bathrooms.

Helicopter or private plane options are the quickest way to reach Dubrovnik and if you plan to have an air adventure, you should consider to book it way in advance. 

Contact us to arrange your favorite transportation service and get the smoothest switch between beautiful Dalmatian destinations.

2. Public parking in Šibenik?

As other Dalmatian and European destinations in summer period, Šibenik has also big concetration of cars in the city center. If you decide to park your car to be close to the old town, you should expect crowds and parking payment. Prices per hour, depending on parking zones, are from 5 kn (less than 1 EUR) per hour up to 10 kn (1, 5 EUR). 

If you plan to visit Šibenik in high summer season of 2019 & 2020, suggested is to avoid city center parkings, due to the big underground parking construction below the main city square. We suggest rather to find your place before entering the center, by the train station or in the port (both short walking distance to the old town). Parking in port would cost you 36 - 40 kn per day or approximately 5, 6 EUR, in low season; and up to 8 - 10 EUR per day in high season). Big parking area is by ex fabric TEF, where the cost for entire day is 20 kn (or less than 3 EUR). From there, suggested is to take a taxi to desired destination in town, otherwise you can walk to the old town - approximate walking distance is 20 min.

Taxis are easy to get in town and the short city ride costs approximately 5 to 6  EUR.

Last updated: May 23, 2019

3. What is the best way to reach Kornati Islands National Park?

During your travel along Dalmatian coast, day trip to Kornati Islands National Park is something we would definitely recommend to book.

Almost all coastal destinations in Šibenik and Zadar region, offer day trips to explore this paradise of the Adriatic sea, and the closest departure point is Island of Murter (35 km north from Šibenik).

Option is to book a touristic boat with organized itinerary and the guide included. These kinds of day trips usually start at 9 am up to 5 pm and, besides guide, you have included lunch and drinks on boat. Depending on departure point, boat ride to Kornati Islands takes from 1, 5 hour up to 2,5 hours and you have 2 or 3 hours free time for swimming once you reach one of the scheduled stops in National Park. Cost for touristic boats are from 50 EUR up to 75 EUR per person, depending on departure point.

Speed boat option for smaller groups, with similar itinerary but without guide, will cost you approximately 90 - 125 EUR per person from Šibenik.

Other option is to book a private boat trip where you can find all types of boats offered, from smaller speed rubbers, up to private luxury yachts. Prices depend on boat type, fuel consumption and departure point. Smaller speed boats will cost you from approximately 300 EUR, up to 1.000 or 1.500 EUR for bigger and more comfortable boats, with Captain included. Yachts for day trips usually can accept max 12 persons on board, with included crew.

From Šibenik, you will need approximately 1 hour or less, with speed boat to reach Kornati Islands.

Contact us to arrange for you the boat trip to Kornati Islands, according your travel preferences.

4. How to reach Krka Waterfalls from Šibenik?

Krka Waterfalls National Park is in close distance to town of Šibenik, approximately 20 km.

If you are located in Šibenik and you'd want to go to Waterfalls (Skradinski buk - as the most popular destination in Park), here are few options available:

by car - go to main entrance Krka Lozovac, or drive to the town of Skradin, from where you can take a public ferry for a 20 min ride to Waterfalls. Be sure you check ferry schedule on time. In high season ferries are scheduled to drive very often, but if you are here in low season, check ferry here. If you decide for Skradin option, you can leave your car on public parking near the ferry.

by public transportation (bus) - suggested is to check schedule from Šibenik Bus Station to Krka Waterfalls (Lozovac) or for Skradin. The local bus company has web page only in Croatian language, so if you want to buy the bus ticket online, we suggest to have a little help from a local or to visit a bus station and to buy the ticket directly on site; it is located in city center.

by tourist boat - for approximately 50 or 60 EUR per person, you can take a tourist boat from few towns near Šibenik, like Primošten or Vodice, where boat suppliers operate almost on daily basis. For example, tourist boat from Primošten starts at 9 am, passing through the Channel of St. Anthony in Šibenik (fantastic panoramic views for the whole trip), and enetering the river around 11.45 am. You'll have free time in National Park and your ticket, lunch and guide are included in initial price. Return back is scheduled to be back in Primošten around 5 pm.

by private boat - you can take a private boat with Captain up to Skradin (beautiful marina, and very popular among boaters here). From Skradin, take a public ferry (20 min ride) or taxi to Waterfalls (10 min ride). Suggested itinerary for the day- after visiting Waterfalls, stay in Skradin for a lunch. This town is locally known for delicious cuisine and excellent wines and homemade brandies (try one made from "žižula"). The specialty of the town is Skradin's Cake and Skradin's Risotto. Definitely worth to eat there! If you would like us to arrange a private boat trip to Skradin and Krka National Park, contact us

5. The closest Airport to Šibenik?

If you are planning to book your trip to Šibenik, then Airport Split (SPU) and Airport Zadar (ZAD) are your best options for landing.

Airport Split is distanced from Šibenik approximately 57 km and Airport Zadar approximately 80 km. Taking highway A1 from both airports is easy and is the fastest way to arrive to Šibenik. But if you want to have nice road trip along the sea, with beautiful views, then take Adriatic road D8 and admire blue and green colors by side for the most of the time. If there is no traffic on roads, that ride should take several minutes more than highway ride.

If you are arriving in out of season period, there is less traffic on the roads for a nice ride. On some parts, you can find eventual roadworks. If you are arriving in high season period, be prepared for more traffic, on all roads and highway exits.

Taxis and rental cars areeasy to find on both airports, and if you need private driver and transportation service to be arranged, feel free to contact us any time.

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