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City retreat in Šibenik

This December we are hosting you in city of Šibenik, old Dalmatian town, known for its UNESCO monuments (even 2 in the city!), known as a city of fortresses and city of festivals!     Why December? Šibenik is fully tourist town during summer period, so December seems as a great choice if you want to meet more locals. In addition, December is not so usual period...

šibenik package off season hotel
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Learn about Šibenik and its attractions

About Šibenik Šibenik is the oldest Croatian town on the Dalmatian coast. It was first documented in 1066 and from then on it began developing its very interesting and rich history. Throughout its history the town fell under several different conquering nations, kingdoms and empires. Due to this, Šibenik has developed a unique and vibrant feel compared to other...

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Learn about Šibenik region through the wine!

To all wine lovers - read the article with an attention, this could be description of your next stay on Dalmatian coast! :)    This is multi-day experience (4 days) for true wine & travel lovers, to visit and to learn about our Šibenik region through the wine, combining the whole trip with the local tours as an addition for a full experience of our region.  ...

šibenik unesco national park package wine off season hotel

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